Turn Your Dreams Into Reality
The Midgardsormr Community Center (MCC) Venue Rental service allows you to book a guaranteed time and place for your special event! No gil required!

Designed for FCs, individuals and in-game organizations without the perfect venue who still want to host events.

For a quality experience, renting a venue will ensure that the entire community center is booked for your event.

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: Venue Rental is as easy as putting in a request and waiting to see it show up on the Event Calendar. If it's on the event calendar, it has been confirmed! If not, then we might have a conflict. Slot rentals are first come, first serve.

Your confirmation will be placed on the Event Calendar within 48 hours. If you do not receive confirmation within that time, check the calendar to see if someone had already booked your time slot and enter in another request.

For any questions, feel free to contact Erys Night #9999 on discord. If we don't share a discord server, I'm in the Midgardsormr server! https://discord.gg/aKqA6Ud
In-Game Name *
The name of the person entering this request
Person, FC or Event Name To Put on Event Calendar? *
This is the information that you want to show on the Event Calendar. Feel free to enter the details of your event or just a name of the person or group that wants to rent the space.
Venues Being Rented *
Which rooms would you like to utilize? The entire venue will be reserved for you, but this information helps with metrics!
Do You Need Walls Dyed To Match Event Theming? *
We can dye most walls on the Ground and Basement Floors for you! We are even willing to change wall paper, chandeliers, flooring and dye some furniture at your request! The Top Floor is excluded from this service. *Disclaimer* We cannot dye in the general-purpose or metallic colors. All of the normal dyes will be provided for free. :)
Custom Theme Description
If you answered yes to the question above, please enter in the details of your request.Feel free to be specific! Additionally please make sure to leave an email in case there are any inquiries. House customization takes up to 72 hours, so please make sure to enter in this request with this time frame in mind.
Date of MCC Venue Rental *
If you've selected Specialty Venue Rental, your 7 day rental will begin on this date. For example, if you selected September 1st, you would have access to the venue from September 1st-September 7th. Please plan accordingly for decorating the venue and hosting your event.
Start Time of MCC Venue Rental (in EST) *
IMPORTANT: Enter the rental Start Time in EST.
End Time of MCC Venue Rental (in EST) *
IMPORTANT: Enter the rental Finish Time in EST.
If you'd like confirmation that your event has been booked, leave an email address!
Service Acknowledgement *
As a guest using a service of the Midgardsormr Community Center. I agree to adhere to the MCC Rules of Engagement (https://www.ffxivmidgard.com/about) when hosting events on company grounds.
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