Request for Bird-Banding Demo Appointment at Point Blue's Palomarin Field Station
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Number of participants. Please note that for CLASSES, this includes students AND teachers/chaperones. Please also note that TOTAL GROUP SIZE MAXIMUM is currently ~15 people. FOR LARGER GROUPS (20-30 people), consider filling out this form if there might be an option to break your group into smaller groups that come separately or have half take a local hike and then switch out, which we can discuss further when we get back to you. *
Additional pertinent group details (anything you think would be valuable for us to know, e.g., that this is a science class, a group or birders, a class particularly interested in XX)
What is your preferred date(s)s or general timing of interest?  Please enter one date if it is your only option, or a range of dates if you have multiple, and/or specific days of the week that work for you (e.g., Wednesdays in August). *We will communicate with you BEFORE confirming a final selection; also PLEASE NOTE that we will not always be able to schedule a visit if you are requesting one within the next few days as we may not receive the request in time.   *
What is your preferred arrival time (note we only band in the mornings, and encourage classes to get here before 10am to have the best chance of seeing the most birds, possibly even at 8 or 8:30 am if possible; demonstrations last for 1-1.5 hours)? *We will communicate with you before confirming a final selection.   *
Preferred Location. Most visitors/groups come to our Palomarin Field Station in Point Reyes National Seashore near the town of Bolinas, but sometimes we have opportunities, especially for groups, at other sites (that are run less frequently) in west Marin. Does it work to visit the Palomarin Field Station? If you let me know where you are coming from, we can discuss whether there are any other options.
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