YIP Security Committee
As discussed at the committee meeting on 4/8/19, we are moving to what we hope will be a more effective volunteer model. We ask that you pick a preferred time to volunteer and we will rotate volunteers throughout the month. If a volunteer is unable to volunteer for a specific week, they should email/WhatsApp the Greeters Group. Additionally, the committee voted to extend the shifts from 45 minutes to 60 minutes to reduce the number of volunteers needed each Shabbat. Thank you for your commitment to the Young Israel of Plainview. Please note: We will do the best we can to accommodate peoples requested times and location but may not always be able to do so.
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When are you able to volunteer on a regular basis? Please select as many as possible.
Oak Drive Entrance
Southern Pkwy Entrance
"Friday Night Until after Lecha Dodi
Shacharit 7:15-7:45
12:00:12:45 (if needed)
Mincha until after Leining
Are you willing to be a shift Captain? *
Shift Captains will be responsible to manage the volunteers the assigned week. Including filling in if there is a gap in coverage, providing guidance to volunteers and coordinating with our security guard.
What is your availability for Pesach?
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Volunteer Responsibilities - Please Read
Thank you all for volunteering to assist with Shul security. Our goal is to ensure the safety of our membership and visitors without compromising on the warm and welcoming quality of our shul.
All greeters MUST adhere to all of the following guidelines.
• Arrive on time
• Open the door for visitors expeditously
• Refrain from consuming any alcohol
• Welcome every person with a smile and kind greeting
• Refrain from invasive questions or insensitive comments or questions.
• Use the walkie talkies ONLY for emergencies.
For unfamiliar faces... Welcome to the Young Israel of Plainview.
• Are you new?
• Are you visiting?
• Where are you visiting from?
Thanks for coming have a great Shabbos.
DO NOT ASK... • What's your business here?
• What's in your bag?
• How come you aren't going to that other shul?
• Why are you here?
• Where are you from?
• Why'd you all of a sudden decide to come here?
• Any similarly inappropriate question or comment.
DO NOT check bags or the person.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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