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Multi-party Payment ("MPP") allows application operator smart contracts or delegated 3rd party addresses to pay for transactions fees on behalf of their users. It significantly helps onboarding users to the application without friction. Exchange sign ups and transaction fees can deter those who have not yet fully engaged with the application or the blockchain protocol.

MPP enables fee delegation at the meta-transaction level, making it secure and convenient for users, application operators, and 3rd party service providers to collaborate. Therefore, to set the example, VeChain Foundation will sponsor the transaction fee of MPP-enabled applications for one month (with the max cap of 3M VTHO per application) starting from a preferred date of the application developer. By this way, an application can cover and delegate its user's transaction fee to the VeChainThor Supercharger (i.e. sponsor address).

Please note a version of your application with MPP function enabled should be live on the VeChainThor mainnet before you apply for the bounty. The Foundation Assessment Team will verify whether the application has properly integrated MPP before getting in touch with your team.

We reserve the rights not to accept an MPP application or terminate the sponsorship before the bounty ends, if, determined by the Foundation Assessment Team that the submission violates the rules or is deemed as duplicated, abuse or fake information.

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High level description of what the application is, what you want the application to be and who the target users are. Introduction covering the originality of the idea, VeChainThor features used and the value to VeChain ecosystem is preferred.
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After verifying that the application has in fact integrated MPP, the Foundation Assessment Team will determine the sponsorship and get in touch.
When would you prefer the sponsorship to start?
If accepted by the Foundation Assessment Team, we will sponsor the transaction fee of smart contract(s) of MPP-enabled applications for a month from the time suggested.
Application roadmap and support needed
Describe the roadmap for further development and upgrade, user acquisition and expansion, as well as any support or resources you would like to get from the Community or the VeChain Team.
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