Central Appalachian Young Farmers Coalition Chapter – Initial Survey
Interested in seeing a National Young Farmers Coalition chapter in southwest Virginia area? So are we! Answer the brief survey below so that we can gauge interest and coalesce around common goals of young farmers.


Central Appalachian Young Farmers Coalition is a new network of farmers in southwest Virginia and the surrounding areas of Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, and North Carolina.  We are a chapter of the National Young Farmers Coalition (www.youngfarmers.org) and in the beginning stages of development.  

If you would like to join and/or participate in the formation of this chapter, please subscribe to the google group listserv by emailing erdobson7@gmail.com with subject "CA NYFC listserv".  We will share meeting information, educational opportunities, volunteer events, and relevant news.
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Are you a farmer or farm worker or aspiring farmer? Do you own land or yearn for equitable land access? Do you find it hard or hard to imagine making a living farming? Are you an urban farmer, peri-urban, or rural?
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Of the following options, which would be the most important focus for your local chapter of NYFC? Check all that apply. *
Would you be interested in joining a NYFC chapter near you and/or being in a leadership role? (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, etc.) in your NYFC chapter if nominated? *
Chapter meetings are often hosted by a member farm, and may consist of a community work day, brief meeting, and potluck meal. Would you be willing to host a quarterly chapter meet-up at your farm or land you steward? *
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