Be The Blessing: FPCS Connection Form
During our time of social distancing we need to remain connected as a community. This form will help us to keep this connection updated and resource our pastor, elders, deacons and members to perform their pastoral care roles and provide opportunities to be a blessing. Anonymous responses will be discarded.
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Do you have a prayer request/thanksgiving/joy/concern you would like me to PUBLICLY lift up by name during a Sunday Morning Worship Stream? I will be offering this prayer with the details below on our publicly available stream. Please write out any difficult names or locations phonetically in (brackets) following the name. If not type "No" as this is a required field and fill in the next question as well. *
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Do you have a PRIVATE prayer request/thanksgiving/joy/concern you would like me to lift up in my daily or weekly prayers for this congregation or community? Please put "Okay for Deacons" and/or "Okay for Elders" if you would like this request shared among church leadership for their prayers.
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Would you like to be connected with a deacon for ongoing pastoral care on this matter? *
Would you like to schedule a pastoral care session with the pastor over the phone or video conferencing on this matter? *
Thank you so much for remaining connected during this time and participating in social distancing as an act of love for your neighbor. Be well.
Grace and Peace,
Rev. Kevin Ireland
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