Full-Stack Data Science Masters Program - Enquiry Form
Dear All, in further dedication to providing Data Science expertise education at a subsidized/affordable fee to #DataScience and #AI enthusiasts, I am starting another batch of 9-MONTH Full-stack Data Science Masters Program from June 2019.

It comprises of 62 lectures of 4-hour duration = 250 hours of Instructor-led training (plus several hours of tutorial sessions, assignments, projects), and optional Internship and Guaranteed Placement. There will be a break of 1 weekend after every 4/5 week continuous classes. All long weekends, there will be a break.

Fee: 45K (early-bird offer) for in-class and 20K for online.
The program can be attended in-class (at Shivajinagar, Pune) or online (with recording access).

This survey form aims to collect the information of the prospective participants for the 9-MONTH Full-stack Data Science Masters Program, going to start from June month.

Detailed Course Contents will be sent out to your email. Tentative Modules are outlined below.

1. Python for Data Science (python core, numpy, matplotlib, seaborn, pandas, scipy, BeautifulSoup), data wrangling, analysis & visualization

2. Essential Mathematics for Machine Learning: (Probability, Statistics, Linear Algebra, Matrix Calculus), the mathematics behind all machine learning algorithms, derivations and applications

3. Machine Learning in Python (sklearn, stats-models)
4. Deep Learning in Python (TensorFLow+Keras+OpenCV)
5. Natural Language Processing Applications (Spacy, nltk)
6. Deploying ML/DL models over Cloud (pickle, joblib, Django/Flask, Cloud services, Azure, AWS Sagemaker, Docker, Heroku, etc..)
7. Big Data Analytics
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