Celo Developer Survey
The Celo Foundation wants to understand the Celo developer ecosystem and share the (anonymous) findings with the Celo community.

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How experienced are you as a developer?
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How did you hear about Celo?
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How would you like to get involved with Celo?
How likely are you to refer Celo to a friend or colleague?
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If you are not already developing on Celo, what is holding you back?
Which Celo communication channels do you use?
What would you like to see more of?
What additional information would be helpful for deciding whether to build on Celo?
If you are already developing on Celo, what do you enjoy about it?
If you are already developing on Celo, what frustrates you about it?
Would you be interested in a video interview to help us learn more about your engagement and needs?
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