ISC Formal Recruitment- Schedule Change Request Form

Please note:

All themes schedules have been posted, and at this point we can no longer change themes schedules. If you are submitting a schedule change request for House Tours, please do so before 11pm on Friday.

If you are submitting a conflict for HOUSE TOURS or PREFS, please use this form in order to indicate when you have conflicts as well as your preferred schedule. You will be required to outline the time of your conflict(s) and list the houses in preference order. We will try to accomodate all schedule requests to the best of our ability, but there is no guarantee.

Timing: For THEMES, this form must be submitted by Tuesday at 11pm.
For HOUSE TOURS, this form must be submitted by Friday at 11pm.
For PREFS, this form must be submitted by Saturday at 11pm.

Excuse Letters: If we were unable to accommodate all of your conflicts and your schedule requires you to miss rounds, you are welcome to email letters to Please address these letters to the specific houses you are missing; if they are not addressed they will not be sent to the houses. PLEASE SUBJECT THE EMAIL WITH THE DAY OF ROUNDS YOU ARE MISSING (i.e. Themes, Thursday)

TIming: All excuse letters must be sent to by the start of each round. Ex: Excuse letters for Themes must be in by the start of Rounds on Wednesday, Excuse Letters for House Tours must be in by the start of rounds on Saturday, Excuse letters for Pref must be in by the start of Preference Rounds.

It is important to note that the ISC will do all that it can do accommodate excuses and adjust your schedules accordingly. At no point, should a woman participating in recruitment skip class in order to attend a round of recruitment. If you have a full schedule and have to miss a round, please note that we will NOT make adjustments based on chapter preference. We only shift schedules to accommodate absences if there is an opening.

In order to ensure that we can honor as many requests as possible, we ask that all excuse forms be submitted 24 hours in advance of the round. If you are late please still submit a request form, so that you will not be marked as an unexcused absence and removed from the process.

Please be in touch with your recruitment counselor if you have any questions.

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    Not all requests can be accommodated. If you have to miss a round and would like to submit a letter, please send your letters for the houses to