Graduate Student Council (GSC) Diversity Advocacy Committee (DAC) Expression of Interest

Please fill out this form if you are interested in becoming an active member of the DAC, as a committee member or as a representative of a diversity-minded student group (or both). Thanks to generous funding this year from the GSC and the VPGE, the DAC is planning some exciting events for this academic year that will generate discussion of diversity issues on campus. As a member of the DAC, you will have the opportunity to be a diversity leader on campus, and to share your ideas and vision for the events we will put on this year!

Please also save the date for our first DAC meeting for new members: Thursday, November 5th from 6:30-8pm, location TBD.

* * * DAC Mission Statement * * *

* * * Description of Positions * * *

1. DAC Committee Member
a. Eligibility: be a Stanford grad student interested in diversity advocacy on campus
b. Responsibilities: initiating/assisting with advocacy efforts AND/OR initiating/assisting with event planning

2. Diversity Group Liaison to the DAC
a. Eligibility: be an elected leader or core member of a University-recognized diversity voluntary student organization (VSO), community center, or other established on-campus entity that has an interest in diversity advocacy
b. Responsibilities: providing input into DAC's mission and event planning; collaborating with DAC members to organize cross-group mixers; collaborating with DAC co-chairs on advocacy efforts where applicable

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