Keelung Ghost Festival Tour Registration 2019
Join us to discover the history of the 2019 Keelung Ghost Festival!
Keelung-for-a-Walk explores the obscure places in Keelung while meeting the local people.

In the seventh month of the lunar calendar, Taiwan erupts with ritual and ceremony, as people collectively acknowledge the ghosts of the departed and make offerings to settle the tempers of returning spirits.

Because of its strategic position and economic importance to Taiwan, Keelung has been the site of many battles, and therefore, many deaths. As a result, Keelung spends the whole month in ritual and ceremony, as locals from every clan and culture unite in common respect for those who have passed - whether they were locals, immigrants, or colonists.

As is the epicenter for ghost month celebrations, Keelung is the best place to learn about this significant cultural phenomena. Discover Keelung’s turbulent past by understanding how the city’s residents celebrate this special month.

Keelung for a Walk hosts special events during the festival itself. To have a local share these unique celebrations with you is an opportunity not to be missed.

The Ghost Festival consists of a different ritual on each day, but the major rituals fall on the days between the 13th and 15th days of the 7th lunar month.

On the 13th day, August 13rd, the Dipper Lantern (Ying Dou Deng) is paraded around Qing-An Temple to pray for good fortune.

The 14th day, August 14th, features a large-scale parade with celebrations and performances in the city center, marking the occasion for the water lantern release.

On the 15th day, August 15th, a public Taoist prayer is held as a sacrificial ritual at the Zhupu altar. In addition, every household has its own sacrificial ritual known as ‘Pudu. At midnight, the ritual of Chung Kwei begins, and he comes to calm the ghosts and keep them from disturbing the living.

Discover Keelung’s turbulent past by understanding how the city’s residents celebrate this special month! Keelung for a Walk has designed walking-tours that reveal the spiritual importance of this month, its special place in Taiwan’s history and culture, and the rituals and celebrations unique to Keelung.

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Fee: TWD 700(TWD900 on 14th Aug), Pay at the meeting point. (Includes guiding fee, personal headset, English ghost festival map, local snack and drinks)

Maximized number of tour group: 15 ppl

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Keelung Ghost Festival: Insights from the inside.
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