31st Tohoku University International Festival Entry Form (第31回東北大学国際祭り応募フォーム)
“The 31st TUIF: Smiles of the World” – Thank you for showing your interest in our festival. If you wish to be a part of the festival please fill out the following form. For more details about the festival you can go to: http://www.tufsa.net/matsuri/index.php.

「第31回東北大学国際祭り:Smiles of the World」―この度は東北国際祭りのスタッフとしての参加に興味を示していただきありがとうございます。参加ご希望の方は以下のフォームにご記入ください。なお、祭りに関する詳細につきましては、http://www.tufsa.net/matsuri/index.phpをご覧ください。

We are now recruiting volunteers! The deadline to apply has been extended UNTIL MAY 5TH 23:59
We have closed applications for food stalls, stage performers and interactive corner booths.

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Contact Information (連絡先)
Please fill in your contact details so that we can get in touch with you.

Your Name in the following format: [FIRST NAME] [LAST NAME] (氏名をローマ字表記でご記入ください。) *
i.e. Mike Johnson (例 :「Taro Tanaka」)
Email address (E-mailアドレス): *
Organization/Company (団体名/会社名):
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How can you participate? (参加方法について)
Please choose the activity you wish to join. Once you choose an option and submit the form we will get in touch with you with more details. We are looking forward to your application. Let’s create an amazing festival together!

Food Stall (屋台部門)
TUIF is famous for a huge variety of different foods and flavors from different countries. Let the people from all over the world enjoy your most delicious creation. (東北大学国際祭りでは様々な国からその国独自の多彩な料理が振る舞われ、本イベントの目玉の一つとなっています。自慢の郷土料理に腕を振るってみませんか。)
Stage and Entertainment (ステージ部門)
Participants from all parts of the world are given an opportunity to showcase their wonderful country and culture by performing on stage. We have dances, musical performances, fashion show and many more! This year we will also have street performances. (世界各国の参加者が、民族舞踊や民族音楽などのパフォーマンスをステージにて披露します。また、自国の民族衣装をまとった人々がステージを彩るファッションショーも行います。また、今年初めての試みですが、ストリートパフォーマンスも企画する予定です。)
the Big Stage at 29. TUIF
Interactive Corner (交流コーナー部門)
At the interactive corner you can showcase your culture and interact with foreigners and local community. You can open a stand with your own idea! You can join us for example as information booth (perhaps about your country or organization), game booth, creative/ handcraft corner, dance or music booth.. We welcome all sort of organisations, student groups and passionate people to set up their interactive corner booth.
Interactive Corner 29. TUIF
Volunteer (ボランティア部門)
We welcome every free hand! From building tents, selling tickets, and helping visitors, to cleaning and interacting with organization committee and participants, you will help in getting the festival up and running. Why don’t you be a part of the biggest international festival in the Tohoku region? (テント設営やチケット販売、来場者の案内、清掃補助、実行委員会や参加団体の手伝いなどなど、祭りの運営をサポートしていただける方は大歓迎です。東北最大の国際祭りを我々実行委員会と共に盛り上げていきましょう。)
Volunteer helping building tents 29. TUIF
Partner and Collaboration (協賛・後援等)
If you want to promote your organization and sponsor the festival with money, foods, drinks, T-Shirts etc., we can offer you the right location and medium to promote your organization. (東北大学国際祭りのスポンサーになっていただける団体様、あるいは個人様がございましたらご協力の程、よろしくお願い致します。資金協賛のみならず、物資協賛をはじめ様々な形での協賛が可能となります。)
I would like to (参加希望の部門を選んでください。) *
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