Mona Prep Graduation Registration
Thank you for taking this journey with us. We are proud of all students and look forward to sedning them to the next stage with dignity and excitement.
In order to ensure that we stay within the specifications of the issued permits, as well as the physical parameters of the venue, parents / guardians are required to pre-register in order to facilitate a smooth flow on July 9.
Please be reminded that the event will be live streamed so other well-wishers can watch remotely.
Each child is entitled to one parking space within the facility. This is to be a regular family vehicle. Buses and trucks are not permitted.
We look forward to your feedback.

Thank you,
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Please select your child's name. *
Will you be using your single vehicle space at the graduation ceremony on July 9, 2020? *
We understand that some children are blessed with two families. The space is not sufficeint to allow more than one car per child, but where both parents may be separarated or divorced and are not able to share the same vehicle, we will have a limited amount of seats under a tent. Please note that this parent needs to be registered ahead to allow entry. Our permit has a limit on the number of attendees. Please state the name of the ONE PARENT who will opt to use the tent on the day. Only resigistered persons will be admitted. Please note that the tent spaces are for these persons only, so please register only if really needed.
Did your child have his/her graduation photograph taken? *
Have you made your graduation contribution to the school? *
If you have not yet paid, will you do so by Monday, July 6, 2020?
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If you are in need of special financial arrangements, have you discussed this with the school administration?
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We always want to hear from you. There will be detailed communication piece sent early next week that will outline the flow of the day and procedures. If there is anything else you want to ask or say, please feel free to do so.
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