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I'm giving away TEN catalogs with a special gift! All others will receive their very own DIGITAL catalog ! Just fill out this quick survey and you'll be swimming in FALL products soon!
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You just take a few catalogs and order forms and earn hostess gifts by collecting a few orders from your friends, OR, you can host an ONLINE party! All you need is $200 in orders to get hostess benefits!
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Are you interested in learning more about a Holiday Layaway program with me? You'll have a personal shopper (me!) help you break your Santa Wish List down into 5 months of EASY shopping to take care of everyone on your list! It's a great way to give personal gifts on a budget! *
Have you thought about doing a fundraiser to earn money for your church or kids sports or ANYTHING you need this coming year and earning 20% of all sales? *
Are you interested in earning some extra cash in 2016 to help you pay for Christmas in COLD HARD CASH? I would love to send you some more information! *
The kit below is $99 and comes with over $400 in product/supplies!
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Shannon Moore, Ind. Senior Consultant, Thirty-One Gifts
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