Calgary Learns - Organizational Membership
Join Calgary Learns and be part of a networking community with strategic connections and the collective ability to shape the learning landscape for foundational learners.

Member Benefits
Calgary Learns supports its members by:
- Advocating for foundational learners with government, funders and within our community
- Providing networking opportunities to share best practices and resources
- Offering shared learning and professional development opportunities (shaped by your input)
- Providing funding opportunities (for non-profit organizations)

Members will also
- Receive one vote at our Annual General Meeting
- Qualify for special member pricing for training sessions
- Help shape the adult foundational learning field through the opportunity to participate in consultations and events
- Support and benefit from our newsletter “The Connector” with links to the latest research, resources and information from the adult learning community

Note: In order to receive funding you must be a Calgary Learns organizational member.

Fee: $0 (Note: Membership fees have been waived due to the pandemic)

We collect the following information for the purpose of maintaining our membership register, and will use this information solely for providing you information related to Calgary Learns’ work. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 403‐266‐6444.

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