International BLM Protests (Organizers/Leaders Submission Form)
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Are you a member of any social justice or civil society organizations?
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If you organized your protest with a group of individuals, how many people were on the core team?
What are things or strategies that worked well in your protest efforts?
Did you receive any hostility from the law enforcement in your country?
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To your knowledge, were any protesters arrested?
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To your knowledge, were any protesters missing? Please explain.
Does your country require a permit to host protests?
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Have you or others encountered any hostile groups in your efforts? In-person or online? Any pseudo-BLM groups? How did you engage them? Please also list them if you can.
What was the presence of these anti-BLM groups like at the protest (to your knowledge)?
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Have threats against you or your life been made against you?
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Overall, would you consider your protest to have been peaceful?
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Do you know of any other organizers in other countries or in your region? If so, please share this form with them! Or list their email or social media handles below (ex. twitter: @xxxx)
Please share any other questions, comments, or reflection that you have.
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Thank you for your work. We stand in solidarity with your courage and effort.
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