A Study on Male Orgasms
All responses will be kept anonymous, so please answer honestly.
Have you had an orgasm? *
Do you masturbate? *
Have you had intercourse? *
Did you masturbate prior to your first sexual experience? *
How often do you orgasm while having sex?
Have you ever faked an orgasm during sex? *
If you struggled to have an orgasm during intercourse, would you consider seeking medical advice? *
What is the gender identity of your preferred sexual partners? *
Do both you and your sexual partner(s) typically orgasm during sex? *
Do you feel uncomfortable talking about orgasms with others? *
I'm totally uncomfortable talking about orgasms with anyone
I would shout about orgasms in public with my grandmother
If you have had sexual relations with people of different gender identities, have you noticed a difference in your ability to have an orgasm?
Do you have anything else to add on this topic? (general comments, queries, or experiences to share) NOTE: This study is completely anonymous.
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