#WeAreOLC - 25th Anniversary Story Sharing
With the idea of stories being a connecting element throughout all of our conference activities, we are creating a variety of opportunities for you to share your story and to hear the stories of others. We’re calling this initiative #WeAreOLC. The individual threads of stories from this community can be intentionally woven together to form a rich tapestry that defines who we are and the work we do in collective support of online and digital learning. And our hope is that with intentional opportunities and calls to action around community storytelling, we will better serve the mission of inclusion, diversity, equity and advocacy.
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What's the story...
How did you first get involved with the OLC?
25 years (then and now): What kinds of technology were you using 25 years ago and what technology do you engage with now?
What is one of your favorite OLC experiences?
Who composes your OLC community (i.e. the people you have met along the way and always enjoy seeing)? Tell a story that shares about your relationship.
How do you support inclusion, diversity, equity, and advocacy in your teaching and learning and how has this evolved in the past 25 years?
Answer the prompts above or share your own unique story here
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