Lamar National Honor Society By-Law Agreement 2019-2020
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I have read the Lamar National Honor Society 2019-2020 handbook, and agree to all of the rules and regulations stated. *
How many inside hours must you have in order to maintain your NHS membership? (The answer is 6 hours.) *
What is the maximum number of outside hours you may acquire? (The answer is 6 hours.) *
How many total hours must you have? (The answer is 12 hours.) *
I understand that if I plagiarize or get suspended, I am subject for removal from Lamar National Honor Society. *
I understand that I cannot leave a volunteering event early unless I have permission from the supervising officer or junior officer AND the adult event coordinator. *
My behavior both in school and out of school will reflect the Lamar National Honor Society pillars: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. (e.g. in class, on social media) *
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