NSN Story Slam Entry Form: Mother Earth
Mother Earth holds us all, she feeds us all. Ashes to ashes, waves in and out... Earth. Share your story of connection, your natural disaster survival tale, a tale of caring for another living thing, your tale of growth. Bring it, tell it, come hear it all, at the MOTHER EARTH Story Slam!

Twelve storytellers, chosen at random, will share their personal 5-minute story on the theme “Mother Earth.” The audience decides the winners.
First prize: $100. Second Prize: $50. Third Prize: $25.

If you would like to tell a story in the NSN Slam, please fill out and submit this form in its entirety. This is the form to put your name in the "virtual hat" to be able to tell a story. The tellers and order will be determined live during the slam.

1. You will have 5 minutes to tell your story with a 30-second grace period. At six minutes, you will no longer be eligible to win. The audience will take the length of your story into account in their voting.  
2. Your story must be a true personal story that happened to you, related to the theme: Mother Earth.
3. You must agree to have your story recorded, and give NSN the rights to use that story in the future (more details below).
4. You must also register for the Slam as part of the Earth Up Conference, or an an individual event. Registration is at storynet.org/earth-up.
5. The winners, voted on by the audience will receive:
     First Place: $100
     Second Place: $50
     Third Place: $25
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Email *
Name (First and Last) *
Story Title *
Have you already registered for the slam or the entire Earth Up Conference? NOTE: you need to register to get into the slam (this step is like getting your ticket at the door). *
NSN requires that all performers and presenters have the right to present their stories. Is this story an original story, written by you? *
NSN’s Recording: I understand that NSN will be recording the slam and adding it to their virtual library. I agree that NSN may record my presentation and use/sell/distribute that video or audio recording after the online event as a part of the virtual library or in a podcast, and that any proceeds from NSN’s use, sale or distribution of such video or audio recording shall belong solely to NSN. I understand that I own my own story, and that I am giving NSN permission to use only this recording of my story. I understand that I will not be compensated for NSN's use of this video or audio, and hereby release NSN from any liabilities resulting from NSN's use of the video. I understand that NSN will share my name and any contact information I provide below along with my story to help promote my work. *
If you are selected to have your story shared in the future, please enter your name and any contact information you would like shared with the video, as you would like it shared. Ex: website, vimeo channel,  instagram handle, etc. *
My Own Recording: I understand that I may also record my story in real time during the performance, and that I may use my copy of my story however I like, provided I add NSN credits at the beginning and end of my story. I agree not to record any other performer without their written permission. *
If you place in the top 3, how would you like to receive your winnings?
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Please enter any information we will need to process your payment. For example, if you want a physical check, please enter your mailing address. If you want to be paid via paypal, please enter either a paypal link or your email address. If you are donating your winnings back to NSN, please write N/A. *
By typing my name below, I affirm that all statements I have made are true to the best of my knowledge, and I consent to all agreements in this form of my own free will. (Enter your first and last name) *
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