Recycling Coalition of West Virginia (RCWV) Recycling Lesson Award Application 2017-18
Recycling Lesson Plans with Prizes for Classrooms

Teachers using the Recycling Lesson Plans in their classes may enter a drawing and win $200 for their class. Lesson titles are listed below and the lessons are available online.

* Don't Waste the Moment- research the amount of waste generated in the school cafeteria.
* One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure- research the cost of waste disposal and possible savings when recycling and composting.
* Waste Not, Want Not- investigate and make decisions about composting.
* Reclaiming and Replacing- investigate what happens when landfills get filled and propose solutions.
* Recycling Investigations with informational text and investigation prompts,

After RCWV Recycling Lesson(s) have been used for instruction and teachers provide the information below, they will be eligible to win one of six (6) $200 prizes to be used to purchase instructional materials. While all teachers and students are welcome to use the RCWV lesson, only teachers of students who are registered and attending West Virginia schools will be eligible to win gift cards. Teachers may submit one entry for each class lesson. So if a teacher presents the material to five periods or classes and assigns two of the assignments the teacher may submit ten entries (or 5 classes times 2 assignments from the teacher equals 10.) Teachers shall specifically identify the class for which the application is applied, see examples below. Entries must be received by June 15, 2018. All decisions are final, and complete rules can be found on our website at

If you have difficulties submitting information on this form or questions about the lessons, please contact Paul Hayes at or Robin Sizemore at

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Teachers may submit a separate application for each class which completes a lesson. Please identify classes separately for each application for award, example- 1st period, science and 2nd period, science.
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RCWV Recycling Lesson Used in the Class *
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Using complete sentences, please describe the recycling lesson and what you did to be eligible for this competition. *
Do not simply give the name of the lesson; describe what the class did to learn the ideas of the lesson. What activities did students do? What resources were used to gather information about recycling? Did students work in teams? Were field trips or guest speakers a part of the lesson?
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Using complete sentences, describe the assessment of the lesson. How did you, the teacher, know students had learned the concepts presented in the lesson? *
Explain how students demonstrated an understanding of the concepts? Were there formative and/or summative assessments? What artifacts of learning did students create? (data tables, graphs, multimedia presentations, written explanations, drawings, etc.) Did they do presentations of their understanding to the teacher, the class, or other groups or organizations?
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