United for Housing - Community Survey
Join our coalition to make housing policy and budget recommendations for NYC’s next mayor.

We will be asking the mayoral candidates to endorse our platform and guiding principles. Our campaign will engage with the candidates and press around affordable housing. After the election, we will work with the new mayor and City Council on the implementation.

Fill out this survey to add your voice to the discussion!

More info: u4housing.thenyhc.org
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What is your housing story?
What are your ideas for the next housing plan for NYC?
What advice would you give the next mayor about housing?
When I think about living in New York City and the housing options available, I want to tell the next Mayor…
Context: Public Housing + NYCHA
When I think about NYCHA and Public Housing in New York City …
When it comes to Public Housing, I want the next Mayor to ...
Context: Housing Access + Affordability
When I think about Housing Access + Affordability...
When it comes to Housing Access + Affordability, I want the next mayor to ...
Context: Homelessness
When I think about Homelessness in New York City...
When it comes to Homelessness, I want the next mayor to ...
Context: Housing Justice
When I think about Housing Justice in New York City...
When it comes to Housing Justice, I want the next mayor to ...
Can the New York Housing Conference / United for Housing use your quotes for the campaign?
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Would you like to record a video telling your story or telling the next mayor what they should do for housing?
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