2021 Great Britain Fastpitch League
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All players need to fill out this form in order to play in GBFL this year, regardless of which team you might play for. Whilst filling in the form is not a commitment to play, especially considering COVID, it is a indication of strong interest on your part.

There will be 7 game days, subject to COVID restrictions:

Saturday 8th May
Saturday 22nd May
Saturday 12th June
Saturday 26th June
Saturday 24th July
Sunday 25th July
Sunday 12th September

All game days will be at Farnham Park Baseball & Softball Complex, SL2 3BP. We have dirt fields provisionally booked for each game day but a couple of games on a few of the dates may be played on grass.

The final game day in September will be a championship tournament. The format will be confirmed later. In order to play in a tournament team, a player must have exclusively played for that team for a minimum of three previous game days in 2021.

If you are not in a team but are keen to play, please fill out the form and we will do our very best to assign you to a team. This has been very successful in the past; on the whole everybody gets to play.

Costs will be determined once we know how many players / teams we have. It tends to work out at about £85 per player for the whole season but this will be confirmed at a later date.

Any questions, please contact us on admin@fastpitchsoftball.co.uk. Our website is www.fastpitchsoftball.co.uk.
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