Hearts of Iron 4 TGC Campaign (First edition)
1. Timing & availability
- Sessions will be 1 night a week, each running for several hours.
- Campaign will start some time in mid or late October
- Even if you're unsure of whether or not you'll be available, you can already list your preferences.
2. Game time rules
- Game starts at 1936
- Game speed during peacetime will be 4, can be changed to 3 on request.
- Game speed during war will be 2, it can be changed to 1 on request.
- Pauses are allowed for:
* Start of a war (or new country entering an existing war).
* Major events (ie. Spanish civil war)
* Upon player agreement (Timeout request)
- Pauses are NOT allowed for:
* Micro of units
* Research / Focuses (they have grace periods)
3. Gameplay rules (house rules)
- Nations are allowed to play ahistorical (ie. communist France, fascist US, democratic Germany, etc...). You can reveal this at your discretion (although the game basically tells you influences anyway).
- Players are allowed to do sneaky diplomacy (backstabbing, etc..). The game has Non-Aggression Pacts for a reason.
- Players that are eliminated can continue as another minor or regional nation. Alternatively they can continue as a puppet. - Player puppets are not allowed to sabotage their master nation.
4. Other notes
- We will not be running any major overhaul mods, but we might include some minor focus tree or small resource/balance tweaks. (TBD)
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Q1. Which nation would you like to play.
Select which nation you'd like to play in order of preference. Nations are handed out first come, first serve. You are allowed to make equivalent preferences (eg. either Japan or USA as first preference means you'd prefer one of those two before considering others). For minor or regional powers please fill in Q2.
First Preference
Second Preference
Third Preference
Minor or Regional Power (See Q2)
Q2. Minor or Regional preference (OPTIONAL)
If you selected Minor or Regional in your preferences above, please note which country or countries you'd like to play here. (Limit 3)
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Q3. Playing solo or in a team?
This is regarding your COUNTRY. This is not a question of alliances (axis, allied, etc...)
Q4. Teammate username
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Leave any other comments or information in this field.
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