K.M.C Vending Application
Thank you for your interest in vending with us at the first annual Kind Mind Campout and "Campout Cup". We are firm believers that a well curated eclectic mix of craft , food, and service vendors lend greatly to any event. While having a gathering of such magnitude warrants industry leaders to show the community the latest in advancements in the field. For this we thank you.

Please read the information , fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly with additional correspondence.


Available Vending Package

CRAFT VENDING w/ 10ft Frontage = $750 ( INCLUDES 2 PASSES)
CRAFT VENDING w/ 20ft frontage = $1500 ( INCLUDES 4 PASSES)
CRAFT VENDING Mobile/Campsite = $75 (Does not permit food)


(Power is not included with any vending package. Power can be provided for an additional fee of $200 for FOOD VENDORS only. Small generators are permitted )

We will also be offering (mobile/campsite) vending tags, If you plan to vend from a case or a camp site you must register with KMC and obtain a mobile vendor pass.

** Mobile Vending is not permitted in the main concert area. **


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