DREAM EQUAL Events Approval Form
Thank you for your interest in hosting a DREAM EQUAL event! This form should be filled out if you plan on hosting a one-time event for DREAM EQUAL that is not affiliated with a specific chapter. We are very excited for you to expand this movement into your community. Before you host the event, we need you to fill out this brief form so we can be sure that what you have planned follows the mission of DREAM EQUAL, abides by its values, and works towards its three goals. DREAM EQUAL will review the plans you lay out in this form and contact you within 48 hours to let you know if it has been approved. Please reach out to chapters@dreamequalinc.org if you have any questions. Please answer the following questions in 2-3 sentences.
Please provide your name, pronouns, and email address. *
When will this event be held? Be as specific as possible. *
Where specifically will this event be hosted? For example, "in X Community Center" or "in Y Elementary School." If you do not know at this point in your event planning, give us an idea of where you hope to host your event. *
Describe the event you are planning on hosting. Include the size, intended audience, and all other pertinent information. *
What do you hope to achieve with this event? What outcomes are you looking for? *
How will you ensure that the event works within the DREAM EQUAL framework and follows the organization's mission and three pillars (empowerment, education, and advocacy)? *
Please list any concerns you have with hosting this event in your community, including any questions you may have for DREAM EQUAL. We may reach out to you regarding any of your concerns via email. *
Please check the following boxes to affirm your understanding of your obligations to DREAM EQUAL regarding the event: *
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