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About us
Asean-Ocean Riichi Mahjong Association (AORMA) is an online mahjong association first formed between Australia, Singapore and Indonesia and so far had done 1 trial online league, with 35 unique players played. We then extend the outreach to include Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

1. Provide a common platform for all Riichi players in ASEAN & Oceania regions (extended to Hong Kong and Taiwan) to interact and compete with each other.
2. Provide a standardised ranking to see how well we fare among our regions
3. Increase the pool of talent local players are exposed to.
4. Engage and build up the number of players so as to possibly organise a real life riichi tournament for our region.

Current Events for 2019
1. Monthly League till December
2. 1 Tournament between October~December

Member Registration
This registration is mainly for us to contact you for AORMA news & updates, as well as to start building up our players datebase. So you only need to fill out this form once. Please provide a proper name to be called + surname.

Please stick with the same Tenhou Display ID for league play. If you need to change any details please feel free to inform any of the admins.

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