Plan B: General Volunteer Form
Plan B Co-op KW is developing into some kind of organization in Kitchener, Ontario. We are building an alternative queer community space by queer folks for queer folks by bringing together a coffee shop, a zine library and people's photocopier, and a feminist adult novelty shop. Some of the values that we have been currently working with include accessibility justice, feminisms, community, accountability, education, and support.

We are seeking interested, enthusiastic, and dedicated folks to support the development of our organization through marketing support, outreach and advocacy support, public outreach support, internal and external policy creation, and event organizing support! There are plenty of things to do while we prepare for incorporation of the Plan B Co-op KW.

The expected commitment of volunteers is:

- attend monthly volunteer meetings (or attend committee meetings as needed when the arise);
- communicate through email or telephone with a liaison from the Board of Directors of Plan B Co-op; and
- facilitate the tasks and/or duties as outlined by you, or by the volunteer/committee meeting, or by the Board of Directors of Plan B Co-op.

But wait! What do 'tasks' or 'duties' look like for me as a volunteer? They can be a variety of different things from creating posters or infocards, or personing tables at events or festivals, to reviewing policy or writing grants, or planning events. This is an open volunteer role with informed consent: we talk about how you can contribute to Plan B Co-op KW and then we (the Board of Plan B Co-op KW) support you in getting these things done!
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Next steps:
You made it! You're nearing the end of our Volunteer Application for Plan B Co-op. Swell work, you.

When you submit this form, we will follow up with you within 3 days (give or take because well, life totally happens!). If you have any questions or comments please never hesitate to contact us at We look forward to meeting you!

In solidarity,

Plan B Co-op KW Crew
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