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Advocates for Abused and Abandoned Pets (A3P) - FOSTER HOME APPLICATION
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Does anyone in your household suffer from allergies (pet or otherwise)? *
Is everyone in your household aware of and agreed upon fostering a pet? *
Who will care for your fosters while you are traveling? *
For how many hours per day will your fosters be left alone? *
What will you do with the pet when you’re at work or traveling? *
Do you own or rent your home? *
If you rent, do you have your landlord’s written permission to keep a pet(s)(s) in your residence? How many? Please give the name and phone number of the landlord. *
What is the activity level in your home?  Low, Medium, High *
How many adults live in your household? *
How many children?  What are their ages? *
Who will be responsible for feeding the foster pet? *
Current number of pet(s) in the household? *
Have you ever fostered animals for any shelter or humane group? If yes, what did you foster and from whom? *
If no, why would you like to foster now?
What specific skills or training do you have that would apply to fostering a pet?   *
Do you have a separate room or space where you would keep a foster pet?   *
Do you plan to kennel the pet? *
Do you have extra pet supplies, i.e. bedding, litter boxes, etc.? *
What supplies would you need? *
Are you able to incur the expense of decent quality canned and dry food, and/or litter for a foster pet?     *
Are you able to incur the expense of puppy or kitten dry and canned food? *
Are you willing to administer medications or treatments? *
Are you willing to take the feline(s) to a specified veterinarian, and to Spay/Neuter services, when needed? *
What are you interested in fostering? Check all that apply. *
Are you able to get your foster pet to special adoption and fundraising events? *
Prior / Current Animal History
Please list the animals that have shared your home in the last five years including the following information: Name, Breed, Sex/Age, In/Outdoor, Declawed, Still Own/If not, why? *
Veterinary contact for animals listed above:  Name/Phone: *
Do we have your permission to contact your vet for a reference?   *
Have you ever surrendered an animal to a shelter or rescue group? *
If so, why?
Please provide the name, relationship, email and phone number for at least 2 references, not including relatives.
Reference #1 *
Reference #2 *
Reference #3
Have you ever been cited or convicted of a crime relating to animal cruelty, or do you have a charge pending?  If yes, you will not be able to foster for this organization. *
Advocates for Abused and Abandoned Pets is a non-profit organization serving multiple counties with in-home foster pets.  When you foster, you must keep your foster pet safe, healthy and socialized. You may be asked to drive your fosters adoption events, a spay/neuter clinic, or in the event of illness or medical emergency necessitating a trip to the veterinarian.  By signing your name below, you are stating that you understand all foster responsibilities and agree to participate in foster training.  You further agree not to hold A3P, any of its board members, staff, or volunteers responsible for any injury or damage that may occur while fostering a pet. Please sign and date below. *
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