2020 LOVE & PEACE パレード 参加登録 / Signup form for Organizations or Groups
2020/3/6 (金)までパレードの団体参加を募集しております!

1. こちらのフォームにて応募
2. 参加登録費は一人¥100(パレードの運営費となります)+参加登録費以外の寄付も承っています。
 → 参加登録費の支払いはパレード当日となります。
3. フォームを提出後、団体ロゴを love369peace@gmail.com まで下記のフォーマットで送ってください。
 [件名]LOVE & PEACE パレード 参加団体ロゴ添付

何かご不明点などございましたら love369peace@gmail.comまでご連絡ください。

We are currently looking for group / organization that wold love to particpate in the parade.
The deadline is Friday, March 6th, 2020.
** Please note that the person who will be submitting this form will represent the organization to share information to their peers as we will be sending out improtant information pre-parade and working together during the parade.

【How to apply?】
1. Submit this Goolge Form (Due 2020/March 6th!)
2. Participation Fee is ¥100 / person (we will use this for the parade running budget, and report later to you) + generous donations of more than ¥100 are greatly appreciated.
 → Please have your representative pay to the LOVE & PEACE PARADE committee on the day of the parade.
3. Once submitted, please send out your group / organization logo to love369peace@gmail.com with the following format:
 [Subject]LOVE & PEACE PARADE Organization / Group Logo attached
 [Content]This is the logo for XXX(insert your org name)XXX

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out at love369peace@gmail.com.
We look forward to having you and your community at our parade!
お名前 (応募者名 )/ Name (Representative) *
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お名前 (応募者名)フリガナ / Name in Japanese, if possible. If not please just add NA) *
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団体名 / Organization OR Group Name *
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メールアドレス / Email Address *
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電話番号 / Phone Number *
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WEB等のURL(WEBに1つ掲載します)/ URL Link for your Organization or Group
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参加予定人数(予想)/ Estimated number of people attending *
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パレードでの表現方法 (例:団体独自の民族踊りをする)/ How would you be parading ? (Ex. Our organization will parade while performing our traditinoal dance) *
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40文字以内でパレードに参加する理由を教えてください(こちらはhttps://www.love-peace.earth/の団体紹介にて掲載させていただきます)/ Please share within 40 words why you are joing the parade (We will be sharing this along with you org. logo on https://www.love-peace.earth/) *
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