Order Signed Paperbacks & Swag!
I have a limited supply of paperbacks on hand--if I run out, I won't invoice you until I receive more from Amazon but I'll let you know (by email) there's a delay.

I do invoicing through PayPal. If payment hasn't been received within 10 days of the invoice being sent, your order will be cancelled. (I will send one reminder through PayPal but that's it--I won't chase folks down for payment, so please pay ASAP to guarantee you receive your books/swag.)

All packages are shipped through USPS.



I'll verify the cost of shipping with the USPS and EMAIL you what the fee is. I am not able to set a flat rate for international shipping as some countries can cost $20-40 to ship to. If the cost of shipping is too much, you are free to cancel your order at that time.


I am now offering signed book plates! These are a more economical choice for international readers (but are available to anyone!). You can buy a paperback through a store in your country and then put the book plate inside.

Book plates are large, rectangular stickers with my logo and tagline; I sign them and mail it to you in a cardboard envelope.


If you have absolutely any questions, please contact me at kiki@kikiclark.com or PM me on Facebook.
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Signed Book Plates (Unpersonalized--Signature Only)
Each book plate is $1. Shipping is $1 US, $2 worldwide FOR UP TO FOUR. (If ordered with books, shipping fee will be waved.) If you want more than 4 book plates, please select "Other" and let me know in the Comments and Questions section below how many you'd like sent to you.
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Ordering swag with books will not add to your shipping costs. If you wish only to order swag without books, there will be a $1 shipping fee added for in the US; $2 for outside the US. (If you order book plates and swag, you'll only be charged for shipping once.)
Comments and Questions
If you would like to order more than one copy of any of the books or more than one piece of certain swag, please let me know here or email me at kiki@kikiclark.com.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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