Zephyr ISD Transfer Application 2022-2023
We are excited that your are interested in applying as a transfer student to Zephyr ISD. Please take a moment to review our transfer policy.
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Zephyr ISD Transfer Policy
Nonresident students who have been accepted as a district transfer student may have such transfer status revoked by the Superintendent at any time during the year if the student is assigned discipline consequences of suspension (in or out of school), placement in a disciplinary alternative program, or expulsion. In addition, students not meeting the State’s 90% attendance standard may also be subject to immediate revocation of the transfer status.

Transfers will be reviewed throughout the school year by the administration. Transfers will be reviewed on absences, participation in extracurricular activities, performance on state assessment instruments and overall contribution to the positive education environment of the school district at the discretion of the administration.

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The following questions are regarding parents and guardians.
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In the following section, we will need information about the child(ren) requesting transfer to Zephyr ISD. Please start with the oldest child requesting transfer and work toward the youngest.
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