Identity Theft Survey
Once the survey is completed, we will understand the following:
How you motivate yourself to make changes.
How you intend to make a change.
How you measure your progress?
How we can empower people to be more proactive about protecting their identity and sensitive information.
Think of the most recent time you set a goal. What prompted you to set the goal? *
What did you want to achieve? *
How did you imagine achieving your goal would make you feel? *
Did you make any changes in your routine to accomplish that goal? *
If yes, what changes did you make?
If no, please explain.
Did you make a plan to help you make these changes? *
Did you track your progress? *
If yes, how?
If no, why not?
What helped you stay motivated? *
What were your greatest obstacles to achieving your goal? *
How did you feel after achieving / not achieving your goal? *
Have you heard of identity theft? *
How secure do you feel about your personal online information (Examples: passwords, banking, social media activity, or medical)? *
How often do you change your passwords for your online accounts? *
Are you currently taking any actions to protect your identity? *
If yes, what actions are they?
If yes, what motivated you to take action to protect your identity?
If no, are you considering a identity protection service?
Have you or anyone you know experienced identity theft? *
What identity theft solutions do you know of? *
Are you aware of any identity protection services? *
If yes, what are they?
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