January Mutual Aid - Somatic Support Pod - Free, Weekly
Hi all!

This format is a bit unusual. It is structured in a way that is sustainable for me, and aims to foster some consistent work together - aka to build a bit of community, together.

I deeply believe in all forms of mutual aid - to foster care networks - practicing providing care to others as well as practicing receiving care for ourselves. This forum is one place that I can offer care support to others. Too, I also feel supported myself - via working together.

Here is how this works:
The class is weekly. Held on Thursdays at 5:00pm. Alas, no late entry is possible. (It's about an hour and 15 min, give or take.)
This is in East Coast time zone for 'usa'. You will need to convert this info into your time zone if you live elsewhere.

We work in one month pods.
That is, if you want to join you must plan on attending at least three of the four weeks in the month.

If you are not already familiar with how I work, you are encouraged but not required to check out my style in these videos. I suspect they will help you decide if committing to a few weeks together is up your alley or not.
videos link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKc5uQ4x2RZn156qKOTwxODBc4gl1Qjds. You can also check out some of my work on my website: relationalawareness.org

To join any upcoming month
***you will need to register at least one full week before the start of the month.***
For example, January 7th is the first Thursday in January. If you want to join the January pod, you will need to register by December 31st.

If any month does not have at least 3 participants, we will take a break that month.
Also to note, consistency helps build community and makes this project sustainable for me as a facilitator. Thus, if you sign up and don't show up you will be ineligible for future months. If you have questions about this please do ask.

One week before the start of each month
I will email all registered to let you know if we have quorum or not. If we do, I will include a video-link for the upcoming month's group.
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