2018 Roger Gantzarow Memorial Facilitating Career Development Training Scholarship
The purpose of this scholarship is to assist with the cost of tuition and/or the cost of books to attend the Facilitating Career Development Training (FCD) offered within Wisconsin by a Wisconsin trainer.

The scholarship is for $500. It will be paid to the participant after documentation of successful completion of the course.

Due Date:
Please complete this form accurately and thoroughly. Recipient will be notified after the next WCDA board meeting following application. The WCDA board meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month.

Recipient Eligibility:
•Provides career development related services in the state of Wisconsin.
•Intent to enroll or enrollment in the FCD course taught by a Wisconsin practitioner and successful completion of the course.
•Proof of successful completion supplied at the end of course for release of the funds to scholarship recipient.
•Registration fees must be paid by the participant not the participant's employer.

Our priorities in WCDA are to:
•Lay a foundation for the effective delivery of career development and career self-management across the lifespan.
•Build support and capacity for career development and career self-management for and through career development practitioners, educators, businesses and citizens.
•Serve as advocates for high-quality career development and career self- management policy and practices via WCDA's educational, political, business and community stakeholders.
•Establish partnerships with other organizations, institutions, and individuals to promote and sustain career development and career self-management knowledge and skills.
•Create an effective and vibrant professional career development association in the state of Wisconsin.

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