Smoking in Casinos SURVEY
Thank you so much for your time in taking this extremely important and CONFIDENTIAL survey! Only your answers will be used to provide a look into the smoking world of gamblers in casinos. All personal information will remain confidential.
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Do you smoke commercial tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, etc.)? *
Do you ever smoke while you gamble? *
Do you favor or oppose smoke-free policies that prohibit smoking tobacco in all areas of a casino? *
As casinos reopen after deep cleaning for health and safety, do you think this is a good time for them to reopen SMOKEFREE? *
If a casino is SMOKEFREE INDOORS, would you be more likely to go for other non-gaming activities like live entertainment, sports bar, restaurants, etc? *
Were you aware that there are over 800 smokefree casinos and gambling venues in the U.S.? *
How does secondhand smoke affect you? *
If you had the option of two identical casinos, side by side, but one is smoking and one is non-smoking, which would you choose? *
If you ARE a Smoker, would you go to a non-smoking casino if they had an outdoor smoking patio with slot machines? *
Does smoke in the casino bother you? *
With only 13% of the country identifying as smokers, do you think smoking should be banned at all casinos? Why? *
What percentage of GAMBLERS do you think smoke? *
Do you believe that breathing secondhand smoke can be harmful to health? *
If you work in the gaming industry, how does secondhand smoke impact your health? Does it make it less likely you will stay in your job or recruit friends to work there?
Do you have any other thoughts or opinions related to smoking in casinos? *
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