LEDC Project Intake Form
Submission Guidelines:
This intake form is used to provide further description for transactions that are NMTC eligible. Among the elements considered are:
·        Does the project meet the following L.E.D.C. CDE program objectives, and to what extent?
-    Is it a catalyst for neighborhood development?
-    Does it create jobs?
-    Does it improve the economic viability of the community where it will be located?
· Is the project dependent on NMTC financing to generate community impact?
· Will NMTC funding make the project economically feasible?
· What is the amount of financing requred?

The Transaction Intake Form should be fully completed by the project sponsor and submitted to L.E.D.C. Please attach supplemental documentation as requested throughout this form or include any additional explanatory and other information deemed necessary. The inclusion of other documents should be in addition to completing this form, rather than in the place of filing out all sections.

PLEASE NOTE - with the exception of contact information and data needed at the end to submit this form, all fields are non-required. However, information that will be necessary in a final determination of eligibility is marked with an asterisk (*).

Any questions about the LEDC process can be sent to John Whalen: johnwhalen@midwestlaborers.org, 309-821-0335.
For any technical questions or for help with completing the form, please contact Dirk Wethington: dwethington@midwestlaborers.org, 309-532-4792.

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