Chapter 1. God Reveals Himself to Man
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Quiz Questions
Read the packet for Chapter 1: God Reveals Himself to Man; and then use the text open-book to complete the quiz
1. Why do we say that every human person searches for God? *
1 point
2. What is natural revelation? *
1 point
3. What is supernatural, or Divine, Revelation? *
1 point
4. How is Divine Revelation different from natural revelation? (Check all that are true) *
2 points
5. What does it mean when we say that Christ is the fullness of Revelation? (Check all that are true) *
2 points
6. What is Sacred Scripture? *
2 points
7. What is Sacred Tradition? *
2 points
8. What are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit? *
7 points
9. What are the Fruits of the Holy Spirit? *
12 points
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