CDE Summer Clinic Internship
Use this form to apply to be part of the 2019 CDE Summer Clinic internship. The deadline for applications is April 30. Up to 48 internship positions are available. We expect to complete selection by the first week in June.

The Center for Digital Engagement (CDE) is offering a part-time, 10 hour per week paid internship in digital. Pay is $15 /hour. The internship is for 8 weeks, running from mid-June to mid-August. As an intern, you will work in a team of interns with start-up companies in The Ann Arbor SPARK Incubator. You will also be required to gain individual certification on an approved digital platform (for example, Google Analytics). Finally, you will attend a weekly seminar session related to the work you are doing. We have designed this set of activities to well prepare you to enter the digital workforce and to gain mentors.

Applications are welcome from all higher ed students and recent grads in Southeast Michigan. In the past, successful interns have come from a variety of regional institutions including EMU, WCC, UM, MSU, and OSU, as well as an array others. If you are a higher ed student or recent grad interested in digital, we invite you to apply.

When filling out the application, please only submit GMAIL.COM EMAIL ADDRESSES and link all attachments so that they are publicly accessible.

For more information, visit:

Please direct all inquiries to Bud Gibson (

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Your statement of purpose should be no more than two paragraphs and focus on the role you feel you can play on a digital marketing team, and why you would be good in that role. Provide concrete examples of past accomplishments that illustrate what you can do. Feel free to reference any combination of classwork, past work experience, or past volunteer experience. We are looking for people who show they can work hard, adapt to challenges, and come out with a good result.
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