Desert City Swing Volunteer Questionaire 8/29/2019 - 9/2/2019
The first 10 volunteers should get all the hours they request.
The next 10 volunteers should get most if not all their requested hours.
The rest will get hours as they are available/will be on the wait list.
FYI: The more available you are, the better your chance of getting volunteer hours.
FIRST Name *
LAST Name *
E-Mail *
Phone *
City *
State *
I qualify for the following type of pass:
Full Event, Student, Junior, Chaperone, etc.
Type of pass *
I would like to volunteer for the following number of hours:
Reminder: 10+ hours covers a full event pass; each hour counts as $10 off your event pass up to ten hours.
# of volunteer hours *
Please, do not schedule me to work more than the following number of hours in a row:
____ hours in a row. *
I am available during the following days/times:
Y = yes M = only if needed N = no (please mark N if you will be in a competition at that time)
Thurs: morning
Thurs: afternoon
Thurs: evening
Fri: workshops
Fri: All American/Juniors
Fri: late night
Sat: workshops
Sat:: J&J
Sat: Strictly Swing
Sat: late night
Sun: workshops
Sun: J&J Finals
Sun: after awards
Sun: evening
Mon: take-down (early morning)
Sign me up for the following positions:
Y = yes M = only if needed N = no
Thurs. Set-up (physical labor)
Mon. Take-down (heavy lifting)
Sun. Clean-up decorations, etc. (after awards)
Selling T-shirts
I will be competing in the following competitions:
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