CozyCon Volunteer Application
This is the application form to become a part of the Volunteer team for CozyCon.

►You must be 18+ and legal adult age in your area.


►Discord moderators: We need folks that will be around during the event, to help monitor the chat, remind folks of the rules, etc.
►Minecraft game builders. You'll be working with the Lead to create our official themed in game world
►Social Media team folks who are willing to help script post and brainstorm ideas

NOTE: Other roles may become available so don't hesitate to apply for other things, just note that we may not be filling spaces for them right away.


►Reliability & frequent internet access
►Team work skills
►Good communication skills
►Takes initiative to reach out to team with questions/needs/ideas
►Motivated to find solutions, not dwell on problems.
►~2 hours a week (potentially more in the month prior to the event/during the event)
     ▬Note: some jobs might be more hours during the year and little to no hours just before/during the event

While people who want to help are great and we appreciate you, people who want to help and actually have the time/availability to help are what make convention planning go places. Be honest with yourself and us about your availability! Sometimes those who wish to help are better suited to short term jobs, running panels during the event weekend, etc., and not all year round planning. We're happy to talk with you to find what works for you if you are unsure!

We're a friendly group and we hope to find other folks who are just as interested in making this event better and better. Please understand that we're likely not going to hire every person that applies as some teams only need so many people and the event is still somewhat small. This is not a slight towards you! There are just only so many roles that sometimes require certain things.

It is also likely that folks may be given a moderator role before becoming year round staff.


►Keep staff discussions between staff unless something is pushed to public officially. We plan our posts and don't want something spoiled before we can make the official post, let alone when sometimes things don't always work out so if something gets spoiled, it could turn into a huge let down for attendees if we have to scrap the idea, etc. This stinks!
►Be respectful to all attendees/users (You can be stern and enforce rules without being rude.) You can always ask other staff/Mods for help if you feel like you cannot handle something respectfully or aren't sure how to respond.
►Keep any personal information you may have access to in your role, to yourself! The only exception to this is if something needs to be discussed -within- staff and the information is relevant. This includes but isn't limited to legal names, emails, other contacts, etc. That information is to be kept private and is not your personal playground.

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