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This is sort of an experiment in soliciting, curating, and amplifying content that our readership might be interested in. By "our readership," we primarily mean: stressed out high schoolers who may or may not know anything about MIT but could use some interesting / enlightening / entertaining / wholesome content. We imagine two broad categories of content that are good fits here:

1) links to content from/by MIT students (e.g. blogs on medium or tumblr, YouTube videos of dormhacks or dance performances, soundcloud recordings of songs or talks, etc)

2) links content from around the general web that would be good/useful for our readership (inspirational studyblrs, calming/interesting videos, good longreads, etc)

Our communications team will review your submission and may, or may not, feature it in this section on the homepage. If we don't post it, please don't resubmit. We probably just didn't think it was a good fit. We'll see how it goes! Note that you *can* submit anonymously below, but if we have questions, we may want to know who you are.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to do this better, email
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