LMA Membership Input
The purpose of this form is to allow all levels of membership (i.e., faculty, staff, Heads of School) the ability to provide direct input regarding the continued operation of the association and the continued development and advocacy for authentic, quality Montessori education throughout the state of Louisiana.
What is your investment role within LMA?
Please indicate each level of training & certification you have received.
Completed Training
Primary/Kindergarten (3 - 6 years old)
Lower Elementary (6 - 9 years old)
Upper Elementary (9-12 years old)
Middle School (12-14 years old)
Which training program did you attend? (The list provided below are those currently approved under Bulletin 746 for Nonpublic Montessori Teaching Certification in the state of Louisiana.)
LMA leadership is currently working with the Louisiana Department of Education to streamline a process for LDOE and BESE to consider additional LMA approved Montessori teaching programs for ancillary teaching certification. Please list any training programs you would like LMA to review to determine submission. (As new programs are approved by LMA and LDOE, member schools will be informed via email and it will be listed on our website.)
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Please indicate which training you would be interested in attending from the list below.
Please list any additional training ideas below.
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Please list any suggestions for continued development of the LMA website.
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If you would like to be contacted regarding your suggestions, please list you email below. (Otherwise individual contact information is not being tracked with this survey.)
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