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One Hour Guided Meditation 英文開示

-Chanting <Heart Sutra>(10 mins) 
-Sitting Meditation(30 mins)
-Walking Meditation(10 mins)
-Dedication of Merits(10 mins)

All levels welcome 適合各種程度 
Open to the Public
Socks are required.
Please arrive 15 minutes before the meditation.
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Friday Evenings 7:00 pm -8:10 pm
Check the session(s) to register 勾選要參加的日期
Please be mindful of, and adhere to, the following guidelines. This is to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone to enjoy the meditation and promote an ideal environment to practice. By checking boxes below, you are agreeing to follow these guidelines.
為共同維護道場清淨,及⼤眾⽤功環境。 請閱讀以下活動須知,並打勾表示同意會發⼼遵守規則。 
1.All participants should maintain a healthy lifestyle with sound body and mind. 報名資格:⾝⼼健康,無不良嗜好。
2.All Dharma events and classes are free of charge. We are supported by generous free will donations. Any donation is appreciated and will benefit yourself and others. 中台⼭所屬各分院及精舍以弘揚佛法、推廣禪修為宗旨,各項弘法活動皆不收取費⽤。歡迎隨喜發⼼布施供養,成就菩薩⾃利利他之功德。
3.To maintain the purity of the monastery, all solicitation and business related activities are prohibited. 為維護道場清淨,精舍內嚴禁各項推銷、買賣、仲介等活動。精舍學員之間亦不應有借貸、擔保等⾦融往來⾏為。
4.Please wear comfortable and modest attire (long sleeves and long pants). Socks are required. 服裝儀容:請著居⼠服及襪⼦,勿蓬頭垢⾯。若無居⼠服者,請著素雅服裝。
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