2022 Tullibee Tourney Registration
Join us at The Red Door Resort on Saturday, March 5 for the inaugural Lake Mille Lacs Tullibee Ice Fishing Tournament. For a registration fee of just $25, you will fish from sunrise to 4pm. Payouts for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places – and for largest single Tullibee. Dinner included!
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If you selected "Staying at the Red Door Resort" above, please provide the name on the reservation.  Note that a two night stay is required and one registration per bedroom is included (1 registration included for a motel stay, 2 registrations for a two bedroom cabin, etc.)
Tullibee Tourney Rules *
The following rules apply to the Tullibee Tourney, which will be conducted or facilitated by The Red Door Resort (the “Resort”).  The Resort will appoint a Tournament Director (the “Director”) prior to the start of the event.  The Director shall have the sole and exclusive rights to enforce and interpret the Tournament Rules.  All Director decisions are final. Each tournament participant (the “Participant” or “Participants”) shall pay the $25 Registration Fee, and complete and sign an official entry form or electronically acknowledge his or her intent to abide by these rules.  Either physical signature or electronic acknowledgement will bind the Participant to these rules.  Please note that the Resort reserves the right to refuse participation or entry to any individual or group for any reason or no reason at all. Note:  The Registration Fee also includes dinner on Saturday night.  If the Participant makes a two night reservation at the Red Door Resort for the weekend of Friday, March 4th to Sunday, March 6th, the Registration Fee is included in the stay.  A motel reservation includes one (1) Registration Fee, a two bedroom cabin includes two (2) Registration Fees, a three bedroom cabin includes three (3) Registration Fees and the motel suite includes four (4) Registration Fees.  Participants will still be required to complete an official entry form for the Tullibee Tourney. Safety and Relevant Laws (1) In the event of an Emergency Situation, Participants should first call 911 and subsequently notify the Director and/or other Tournament Officials (2) While Participants’ communication is limited during the tournament (see subsequent rules), Participants are encouraged to use their mobile device to monitor weather updates and alerts (3) The Director, at his or her sole discretion, has the right to delay, shorten or cancel the start of an official Tournament Day, or to restrict Tournament boundaries due to dangerous weather conditions or the belief that other factors exists that would endanger the safety of the Participants (4) Participants are encouraged to fish wearing a float suit and have rope, ice picks and other ice safety items on hand (5) All Participants much possess a valid Minnesota Fishing License and agree to abide by all relevant federal, state and local laws and regulations  Send-Off, Conduct During Tournament and Check-In (6) All Participants must travel directly to the Tournament Start Point, which is planned to be on Mille Lacs Lake near the Resort’s access.  Any change to the Tournament Start Point will be communicated to the Participant via email or text (7) For at least the period thirty minutes prior to Send-Off, each Participant and the Participant’s transportation must be available for inspection by the Director or the Director’s assigns (8) Prior to Send-Off, each Participant must be arranged in the order specified by the Director. Director reserves the right to hold out of order Participants, Participants causing delay to the Send-Off and/or Participants interfering with other Participants until all other Participants have departed (9) Unless otherwise communicated by the Director, the Send-Off will occur at Sunrise on the day of the event (10) Participants will depart from and return to the official Tournament Start Point on foot or by snowmobile, ATV, UTV or vehicle.  The exact allowed transportation will be determined by the Director and will be based on current ice conditions (11) Participants may not solicit, share, or receive fishing information – including but not limited to method, type of presentations, lure selection / color, location of fish and type of water / structure being fished – with anyone (other Participants and non-Participants alike) during the Tournament (12) Except in the case of an emergency, Participants may not use – for any reason but especially for the purpose of locating fish or other anglers – a CB radio, VHF marine-band radio, cellular phone, text messaging, instant messaging, or any other form of communication or boat tracking device (13) No one is allowed to “hold” a fishing location for any Participant (14) All fish must be alive and caught by the Participant using a hook and line in accordance with state law and in a conventional sporting manner.  Participant may not trade fish with any other angler, Participant or not.  Any Participant in violation of this rule will have their entire daily catch disqualified (15) Participants agree to follow and conduct themselves in good faith in accordance with the Catch, and Weigh-In Instructions attached herein as Exhibit A (16) Any Participant who is not in line for Weigh-In by 4pm, shall forfeit all credit for that day's catch.  No excuses, ability to make up time or other remedy exists (17) All Participants are required to check-in with the Director or other appointed Tournament officials at the end of the day  Miscellaneous (18) Participant’s violation of any Tournament Rules is sufficient reason for disqualification (19) Participants must file any protest with the Director before weigh-in is completed.  Any protest must be accompanied by a $500.00 Protest Fee.  The Protest Fee will be refunded if protest is found valid and retained by the Director if the protest is found be invalid.  To review and decided on the validity of a protest, a Protest Committee will be formed which consists of two (2) tournament officials and three (3) randomly selected Participants.  The Protest Committee findings will be final.  If a polygraph test is recommended by the Protest Committee, all monetary distributions and awards will be withheld until the results of the polygraph test are known (20) Once a tournament day is started, if any part of it is cancelled, there will be no weigh-in.  In the case of a cancellation, Tournament days will not be rescheduled (21) Payouts and/or award will be made for first, second and third place, and for largest tullibee.  All payouts/awards will be based on cumulative weight of up to five (5) fish, or – in the case of largest tullibee – individual fish weight.  The minimum payout for first place will be $1,000 cash (22) Results are not official until announced by Tournament Officials and announced results are final (23) Participants agree that any photos captured during the event may be used on stage during the awards ceremony and/or dinner or by the Resort for marketing or promotional purposes (website, social media, etc.)  Exhibit A – Catch and Weigh-In  Weigh-In will be conducted in person at The Red Door Resort.  This format requires Participants to physically bring up to five (5) tullibee to the Weigh-In location to have each fish scored. All fish brough to Weigh-In must be caught during Tournament hours on Mille Lacs Lake by the Participant. Other Caveats The tullibee angler possession limit on Mille Lacs Lake is five (5) fish.  No Participant shall present more than five (5) fish for weigh-in.  A Participant may present fewer than five (5) fish for weigh-in Each individual fish can only be scored One Time No Fish is to be held in or out of the water with nets, stringers, etc.  Fish should either be selected for the Participant’s Weigh-In or immediately released.  Delays in releasing fishing will result in disqualification  If a fish appears altered in any way to add weight, the fish will be disqualified.  The Resort reserves the right to modify the Tullibee Tourney Rules at any time and for any reason.  If the rules are modified, the Resort will provide written notice to all participants at least to 24-hours prior to the event start time.
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