Queens with a Dream - Post Retreat Survey
Hello Queens! Thank you for joining us in the Highlands for our first QWAD Mountain Retreat. We were overjoyed that you were able to experience The Mountain and ask that you take a few minutes to provide some feedback below to help us make some critical decisions moving forward. If you have any questions about the survey, please email queensdreaming@gmail.com
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Overall Retreat Feedback
What was the highlight of this retreat for you? (What did you like about it the most?) *
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What are three words you would use to describe your experience at the Queens with a Dream retreat? *
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How would you rate the value of the retreat? *
Under value for the cost
Over delivered on value
How would you rate the communications leading up to the retreat? *
Gave me everything I needed
What do you think about the size of the 2019 Retreat? *
Retreat Site Feedback
Feedback on The Mountain Learning & Retreat Center
❖ How would you rate the location overall? *
Worse than I expected
Better than I Expected
❖ How would you rate the accommodations? *
Specifically bedrooms & bathrooms
Worse than I expected
Better than I Expected
❖ How would you rate the food provided during the retreat? *
Worse than I expected
Better than I Expected
How would you rate the timing of the weekend *
I wish there were more scheduled activities
It was just the right of structured & unstructured time
Workshop Feedback
Feedback on the facilitated workshops included in the Retreat
Which workshops did you attend? *
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Rate the workshops you attended *
On point! A true expression of this sista's gifts and expertise.
Beyond da bomb! Better than I anticipated.
Thanks, but not my cup of tea
I didn't make it to this one
Femme by Kafi
Inspiration Mountain by Angela
Don't Mess with my Self-Care by Felisha
Workshop duration feedback *
Do you have any topic or speaker suggestions for future retreats?
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Social Programming Feedback
Feedback on social programming included in the Retreat
What Social Programming did you attend? *
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Rate the Social Programming activities *
How did you feel about the social programming at the Retreat?
Really Fun
Just okay
Not my cup of tea
Welcome Bonfire
Game Night
Movie Night
Talent Show
Sister Circle
Labyrinth Walk
General Feedback
Would you interested in attending the Queens with a Dream Retreat in 2020? *
How likely are you to recommend the Queens with a Dream retreat to other Black Womxn? *
Not Likely
Highly Likely
Is there anything you think was missing that you would add to a future QwaD Retreat?
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