Thank You for taking the time to share your experiences as Professional Performance and Teaching Artists.

Creative & Equal Opportunities Inc. is dedicated to leading an Artistic Cohabitation of progress, equity, positivity and possibility to advocate for necessary change in the infrastructure for Humanities of the Arts within the experience of Black Dance.

You are the most valuable asset to the thriving existence of these organizations, who depend upon your creativity and expertise. We understand the importance of providing the appropriate support, resources and advocacy for you to continue to do what it is you LOVE. We want to provide you with the agency to do so in a way that protects your identity and likeness. In the future, there will be an Anonymous Hotline of which to call in for full transparency.

Please fill out the questionnaire below so that we can help best serve the Arts Community.
Our intent is to work in partnership with IABD, TAMA, DCARTS, the Kennedy Center and other community organizations to improve conditions overall for You!
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