TNR Spay/Neuter Appointment Request

1. TNR WORKSHOP: You must complete the colony caretaker training workshop through
Community Cats Toronto before you are eligible to use our clinic.
To register for one of their monthly workshops go to

2. REVIEW: Please read over our clinic criteria form to ensure that the cats in your colony
are eligible for the clinic. The form can be found at the following page of our website:

3. WAIT LIST: If you are placed on the wait list for a specific clinic, this wait list only applies for
that clinic. We will contact you ASAP if a spot opens up. If no spots become available, you
will NOT automatically be registered for the next clinic (you would still need to register for the
next clinic)

If you have further questions about the clinic, please email and our volunteers will do their best to respond within a few days.

I have read the Clinic Criteria form for the Toronto Street Cats program and to the best of my knowledge, my colony meets this program's criteria.
The document can be found @
Have you complete the Colony Care Workshop? (Required to book appts)
(this is a 3 hour workshop hosted monthly by Community Cats Toronto -
Please check off the preferred clinic dates (drop off time 5pm) (There will not be a Sept clinic)
How many cats would like to bring to the clinic (maximum 3 per appointment)? (If you're requesting an appt to more than one clinic, please specifiy how many cats you'd like to bring per clinic)
**If you'd like to bring more than 3 to any given clinic, please specify how many more and for which clinic and we add the 'extra' cats to the wait list for that clinic(s)**
Your answer
Caretaker's name
Full name (First and Last names)
Your answer
Caretaker's email address
**Email addresses are required as all our communiques are done in this manner**
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Caretaker's phone number
Your answer
Caretaker's address
Your answer
Is the colony within the city of Toronto
Is your colony registered with Community Cats Toronto?
City and Location of the colony (major intersection is fine)
Your answer
Approximate number of cats currently cared for in the colony
Your answer
How many cats need to be spayed/neutered in the colony?
Your answer
Please list the names of other caretakers that are involved with this colony.
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Would you like to be included in future emails from us advising of upcoming clinic dates, information (ie changes) related to our clinic practices, offers of donated food, and related activity?
In response to the CRTC's new Anti-SPAM legislation, we are now required to receive consent from you to send out unsolicited 'mass emails'.
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