Alpha Suits Quote Inquiry
Thank you for your interest in commissioning a fursuit from Alpha Suits!

We know that your character is a cherished part of you, and we would be honored to have the chance to bring them to life so that you can live as them for real! We aim to provide top-notch quality suits at an affordable price, quick turnaround, and with plenty of communication during construction!

Base Fullsuit price: $1500+
Base Partial price: $950+

Deposit: $300-$500, depending on quoted price.
Shipping not included!
Stuff you provide: Duct tape dummy (For full suit), pair of shoes, measurements

NOTE: This is just a quote inquiry. This is not an official order form. An initial quoted price will be sent to you from alphasuits(at)gmail(dot)com. If you have any questions, email us at that email address.
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You must be at least 18 to purchase a suit.
Character Name and Species *
What kind of suit are you interested in? *
Link to Fursuit Character reference sheet: *
A ref sheet with views of your character and correct colors.
Special options:
Extra add-ons that may add to your final quoted price
Fursuit description:
Include below a full description of what you would like your fursuit to be like and any extra things you would be requesting. Be sure to include whether you want a realistic or toony style head, glass, toony, 2D, or follow-me eyes, other parts, claws, tail style, etc etc etc! More art can be provided here.
Desired Completion Date (Summer 2019 and beyond) *
Let us know exactly when you'd want your suit to be completed. Whether that be the next con you have planned or a special event! Note that the date must be at least a month from the day this form is submitted. Selecting a date does not guarantee it will be done by then, and our queue may be full if you request an earlier date than necessary.
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