2018-19 Registration Form
This is the registration form for private lessons if you are interested in one of the groups we are running please call (604-859-0400) or email (soundofmusicshop @ gmail.com) the shop. The registration fee should be paid within 7 days of submitting your form, we would really appreciate it.
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It works really well if you don't have a absolutely needed time if you note what times do not work for you so we can work with that, just note "Does Work" or "Does Not Work" so that we don't get confused when we are scheduling
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By submitting this form you are guaranteeing you have read and will abide by our academy policies listed here: 1) Fees are to be paid in advance. We accept Pre-Authorized Credit Card (which comes out at the beginning of the month), Post Dated Cheques (which may be dated for either the 1st or 15th) or the full year payment (for a discount of 2%). 2) Termination of lessons requires a 4 week written notice. There is a form for this on our website. 3) Missed lessons will not be made up unless a prior arrangement has been made with the teacher (or there is a snow day, or the teacher is absent). 4) A Leave of absence may be requested for absences that will extend longer than 3 weeks. with enough notice or in emergency situations. There is a request form for this on our website 5) Our calendar is here: https://sound-of-music.ca/hours-events/
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